Padded design


Ángeles Viada, master artisan patchwork, will make the designs which they will give to your quilt a final touch that it’ll be fantastic.



Quilted with pantograph
It’s a continuous pattern that is repeated and gives a nice idea of continuity. The reasons are varied and have a lot of models.
If it’s a light padding (30 / m2). If it is a densely padded (35 € / m2)



Quilted with pantograph + border:

It’s a continuous pattern on the central part and the border has a different design. This is further enhanced the quilt.

If it’s a light padding (33 / m2). If it’s a densely padded (38 € / m2).


Custom Quilting:
Each block is quilted separately looking for the most appropriate design according to the drawings and respecting the space of the applications.

If the padding is lightweight (43 / m2). If the padding is dense (50 € / m2).


Sashing padding + border:
Padding consists only of the strips between the blocks and the border of the quilt. Quilting Nothing is within blocks (30 / m2).


Closing your quilt without bias:

If you send us back the top and you close the quilt without putting bias. After the acolchamos you with the mode you choose and the right to quilt design.

To close the quilt independently of the size (35). Single price.